Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Perfume!

My colleague, Jane, was the one who brought to my attention this new perfume that came out.

Knowing that my bro was going to b in the US, I asked my SIL to get it for me when she was there. However, it seems that the perfume have not shown up in stores there. No worries, DFS had it and it was a $37 savings.

My small addition to my Chloé family! Hehe....

This turned out to b my replacement gift as the original gift that they got for me couldn't fit :(

They also helped my colleague get a bottle too!

Love my new perfume! Thanks Bro and Ash :)

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday w/ Sis & Evon

We had wanted to go cycling at East Coast today but the sky was pretty dark when we woke so we decided to head to NEX for lunch instead.

Shanice has raved abt Texas Chicken for the longest time and so has Evon. My sis and I have never tried it b4.

This was what we ordered!

The biscuits were super yummy and I had 2 cos Evon didn't want hers :) the chicken was also not bad but the mashed potatoes were blah :P Popeye's win the mashed potatoes race hands down. I would gladly go back to Texas Chicken for their biscuits! They are baked till nice and golden brown and they are a tad sweet and salty at the same time...u have got to try them!!

After lunch, we headed to Toast Box for our typical round 2 kopi session.

My sis gotta have her eggs.

We shared the toast :)

We chatted till abt 5+pm b4 Evon had to leave to head down to Joo Chiat with her mom for some carpet shopping.

My sis and I stayed for a while longer to jalan jalan b4 heading home at 7+pm.

What a fun, lazy afternoon! Gotta do it again :)

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Friday, October 1, 2010

My New Phone!

It was finally time to change my phone and I knew I wanted one that would keep me constantly connected to the world. In the beginning I wasn't planning to get an iPhone as I thought it was way too expensive for my price plan. However, after comparing the alternative, android phone, I realized that the iPhone was not that much more expensive. Damn my cheapest price plan.

Fortunately for me, I am able to get onto my Bro corporate plan and so could save a little on my monthly subscription. I called my bro and told him what phone I wanted and thanks to his almighty connections, I was able to skip the wait :P

I have to say that I absolutely love my phone! The only bad thing abt it is that its battery life is way to short! I'm constantly checking Facebook, chatting on ebuddy, playing totally time wasting games, telling the world where on this tiny island I am at....

When I'm not using the phone, my sis will be on it playing her Tap Tap game or, her newly addicted game, Words With Friends :P

Check out my wallpaper, courtesy of my sis :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

F1 .... 3 years in a row!

Hard to believe it but I have been to all 3 F1s (or F1 related events) that have been held in Singapore. The first one was the Day 2 that my ex-boss allowed me to go, the second was the F1Rocks concert and this year, it was both combined! Woohoo!

No prizes on who managed to get us tics this time ;)

My sis was real excited about watching Daughtry and Adam Lambert, however, I was way more excited about seeing AND hearing the F1 cars! I wanted to be there as soon as the gates open to fully take in the F1 atmosphere.

We made a pit stop at Mustafa as I was hoping to get a tripod. We met Ben there who joined us for a late lunch. Unfortunately we were not able to find a tripod that we liked so we gave it a pass. When we headed over to City Square Mall for lunch, it was raining. I was hoping that it would stop as the race wouldn't be as fun with wet roads!

We got there at about 4+pm. Thank god it had stopped raining.

Ooh.. the Ferrari souvenir tent!

Must find our way to the concert stage ....

Found it! And not too far away from it was the Harry's and Hard Rock Cafe tents :)

Musical guests .... Daughtry and Adam Lambert were the ones performing on Sat.

It was still early so we went to watch the BMW pre races.

They even had a classic car collection on display. No Ferrari though :P

Had to get my beer b4 Daughtry's performance.

They started performing right after the end of a race so that there will be no noise interrupting the concert.

No Surprise

Home - This is my fave song of theirs.

The concert was really awesome, my only complain was that it was way too short :( Unfortunately there was no chance of an encore as they had planned it such that the moment the concert ended, the F1 cars came out .... it was deafening!

My sis and I put on our earplugs and made our way to the side of the tracks.

As the cars were zipping by, I asked my sis if she had actually heard how loud the cars were. She then took out her earplugs and got the full impact of their gazillion horsepower engines.

"Wow! I thought my earplugs were spoilt as even with them on it was loud!" Haha .... its really hard to explain what it is like to hear and feel the sound waves. You just HAVE to experience it once in yr life.

Turn yr volume to the max and it still isn't the same!

Adam Lambert was performing @ 11.30pm so we decided to grab something to eat b4 joining the queue.

There were quite alot of food stores, including Tung Lok who, as my sis found out, sold the cheapest bottled drinks! Good eye! My sis and I shared a burger and fries AND the $2 Coke Zero :D

We were sitting at a corner resting our feet when we hear music from afar .... we walked towards it and was then immersed in a unbelievable theatrical performance.

The company is from Italy and their stage were high up in the sky as well as on the ground. The aerial artists were moved from one end of the Padang to the other with the help of men on the ground pulling the ropes that were attached to them.

Can anyone name the tune that is playing? The song almost made me cry ...

Adam finally came out and all his fans went nuts!

We were stuck amidst some drunk kids that were screaming and making a fool out of themselves. The only line they knew were "Whataya want from me"

If I Had You - Alot of jumping during the chorus >.<

Whataya Want From Me

He came back for only one song for his encore and it wasn't the song I wanted him to sing.

Luckily trains were extended because of the race and therefore we were able to catch it. It was a ppl jam all the way to the station but we did eventually reach it.

By the time we got home, my feet ached and I was dead tired but I had a great time!! I hope that next year I would be able to go again! :D

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New York, I Love You

So ... I sometimes enter contest just for the fun of it and surprisingly, I won one. Nothing that exciting, it was just movie tics. Haha ... had u wondering for a minute didn't I? It was tics to see a preview of New York, I Love You

I met my sis in town after she got done with class and we watched the show together. The movie is a series of short stories that is supposed to showcase New York as a city. There were quite a few well known actors and actresses in it like Natalie Portman, Orlando Bloom and Ethan Hawke.

The movie had too many short stories and sometimes it was a little hard to keep track. Each story was only 15(?)mins and pretty soon I got a tad bored. There were a couple of interesting stories but they were over too soon.

I read that this film is actually a remake of the french film called Paris, I Love You and that many reviewers said that this New York version didn't live up to it.

But it was free, so not really complaining :)

After the movie, my sis and I head down to Orchard Central's MOS burger for a late dinner.

Did u know that MOS = Mountain Ocean Sun?

This outlet is brand new and not run down like the one at PS. I really hope they renovate the PS branch soon.

We headed home after dinner .....

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Met up with the gang for dinner. It's supposed to be a belated bday celebration for Ben and I.

Since I was too lazy to take a long ass bus ride to East Coast, my sis and I caught a cab. Which was fortunate as it started to rain the moment we got onto the cab. Thankfully the rain stopped when we reached there.

Yvonne was the one that recommended this place, Beach Cabana, at East Coast to have dinner. She said that she has been there a few times and it was not bad. I didn't know where exactly the place was and we got a little lost. I got a little frustrated trying to find it and KL finally took pity on me, had me wait at Coffee Bean and then came over to save me :)

By the time I got there, it seems like more than half the beer was gone! Haha ... that is what u get when u put guys together.

Don't worry, I got my share of booze. The food was really yummy too. For some reason I was pretty hungry and ate quite a bit of my sis's ribs.

I got a platter which included prawns, lamb and chicken. All meats are grilled on charcoal and I just love the taste of charcoal grilled food.

The gals.

Kelvin wanted to join us for a shot too.

Group pic!

Would definitely head back there again and best of all, the place is open 24hrs! I just wish it was more accessible to one who has to rely on public transport.

After dinner, we headed to McD for dessert and coffee. We started reminiscing about SI days and our Kelvin seems to have a photographic memory! He could remember so many details, even down to what the person was wearing on that day.

Me? I was one of the ones with the blank look, giving the "Did that happen?" gaze. I wonder how someone is able to retain so much info whereas I can't seem to remember anything. My SI days were not that bad that I had to block stuff out, was it?

It was a great way to start off the new year and hopefully there will be many more to come!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

For my birthday, I decided that I wanted to head back to Fiesta Brasilia. I just love the place too much :)

Luckily, there were 1-for-1 coupons that came out the week b4 my bday and they expire on my bday itself. They had increased the price as it was the holiday season but an extra drink was included bcos of this increase.

Yummy meats and garlic bread!

We had a choice of beer, white wine, red wine or juice. Since Ash isn't a drinker and juice was not worth it, I got her drink! I had 2 beers that nite :)

When we first for there, there was another table that was also celebrating a bday. The staff and chef of the restaurant sang a bday song for the bday gal and when Ash saw it, she was like "Oh, we must get that for u too!"

Argh ... it was kinda embarrassing and I was trying to hide away. The crowd got bigger and for a moment I thought that they would be too busy to sing it to me. However, after we handed over our credit card to pay the bill, they managed to gather themselves and have a little sing-a-long session.

Ok, I have to admit that I was pretty impressed when they started to belt out Happy Birthday in chinese :)

After dinner, my sis and I headed down to Cathay where were were meeting Huiyi, Ben, Yvonne and KL for a movie. We went to watch Chipmunks 2! It was not bad .. one of those movies that is just fun to watch.

After the movie, we headed to PS's Starbucks to have a drink and that is when the gang pulled out a bday cake that was hidden in Yvonne's car. KL sneakily went to her to grab something.

My one and only birthday cake this year :)

I could only pretend to cut the cake as we had to wait to reuse the cake for Ben's bday after midnight.

The 2 bday kids ;)

I think the ppl sitting around us must have had wondered why we were just staring at the cake after we sang Happy Birthday the first time.

We didn't stay very late as some had to work the next day. Moreover, we were all meeting again the day after for another celebration as Ben and I weren't free for dinner on our actual bdays.

When I got home, I got to open my present!

Gift from Ash and Bro. A very cute lock ... not sure what to do with it ... I'll figure something out.

I have another gift from my sis and it Little Twin Stars so it will be showing up on my other blog soon ;)

I had a great bday this year. Thanks everyone for making it one to remember!